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How to help

There are many ways in which you can help Anonymous with this Anonymous Operation.  10 examples are:

  1. Awareness.  Awareness is key in the majority of Anon Ops. You can help with awareness by posting and sharing social media links, memes and infographics.  We will have an awareness section on this site soon to help you do this quickly.
  2. Write and lobby politicians to gain support for the Indigenous people.
  3. Organise an #OpPaperstorm within your country, connect with other Anons.
  4. If there is a rally or protest in support of the First Nations Indigenous people, please consider attending it.  Remember Anonymous is a peaceful collective so ensure the protest you join is legal within your country.
  5. Write articles showing the oppression of the First Nation people and how the reader of the article can support.
  6. Research current laws and treaties and keep a record of court cases.
  7. Document events, protests and latest news.  Feel free to join this site and post your own articles, it would be appreciated.
  8. Join our Anonymous Chatrooms in an effort to see other help and work alongside us in this Anonymous Operation. You should also join this site in order to have access to internal news and articles being worked on in addition to internal message boards for the operation.
  9. Create a video, upload it and share it.
  10. Connect with other Anons to collaborate and throw around ideas.  Keep it factual, keep it lulzzy.